Letters with Robert, Fall 2023 [#3]

Jarrod’s and Robert’s avatars separated by the letter emoji and their website domains, heydingus.net and ultrasexybeast.net, below their images.
(Image inspiration: Jose Munoz)

For the PenPals project this month, I’m corresponding with Robert Silvernail. Below is a glimpse at our final exchange, as summarized by ChatGPT:

Robert apologizes for forgetting to discuss two topics in his previous email and proceeds to update Jarrod on his office’s No-takeout November” initiative. In an attempt to avoid the expenses and calories associated with daily takeout lunches, Robert suggests a monthly challenge where coworkers take turns bringing in homemade meals. He shares the success of the initiative, featuring dishes like Bean Soup, White Chicken Chili, Potato Soup, BBQ chicken, and Breaded Chicken Tenders. Robert humorously mentions a cheat day with Arby’s brand Curly Fries but emphasizes the use of low-calorie BBQ sauce. He details the upcoming meals, and in the next email, he promises to delve into Squirrel Season” with a teasing cliffhanger. Jarrod responds positively, appreciating the camaraderie among coworkers and expressing intrigue about the squirrel story, urging Robert to spill the details.

If you’d like to be a penpal for this project, please reach out! I’d love to get you on the schedule.


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