Crashing Clockwise #533: ‘I’m the App’

My first episode with the incomparable(’s) Jason Snell!

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Dan Moren: Do you use any additional security measures on top of the standard recommended practices?

I’ve got Advanced Data Protection turned on for my Apple devices, but that’s about it for where I go above and beyond. The general stuff I do is use a password manager, two-factor authentication where I can, and, increasingly, passkeys. Nothing too fancy over here!


Anže Tomić: When you travel abroad, which websites/apps do you trust the most to sightsee or navigate?

I’ve been a Tripsy or TripIt user in the past to keep all the stuff for a trip together, but sometimes I’ll just resort to an Apple Note. To actually book stuff, though, I usually just end up looking through listicles after searching for fun stuff to do in [destination]”. At times I’ve used Kayak and liked it, but I’ve yet to land on the One-True-App.

I do wonder if ChatGPT and the like will make a meaningful impact on this kind of planning.


Jason Snell: Do you have any old stuff, tech or otherwise, that might be valuable to a collector?

Not that I can think of. I used to have a reasonable collection of Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh cards that might have had some value now since I got in so early to those games. But I’ve long since given all that away. Same with my old video game consoles, cartridges, and CDs.

But I’m not much of a collector of things.


Brianna Wu: How do you feel about participating in open betas or crowdfunding?

I’ve become less likely to participate in software betas, potentially at the same rate that I’ve become more susceptible to plunking down money for crowdfunded physical products. I feel like I have less time for spelunking into beta software like I used to and less patience for things that break because of the unfinished software.

There are a handful of apps that I’m on the TestFlights for. But I’m pretty bad about actually offering feedback during the betas, so I should stop picking those up.


Bonus Question: Do you have a favorite holiday song?

Hard to say because there are so many good ones, but the first that springs to mind is Pentatonix and Tori Kelly’s version of Winter Wonderland / Don’t Worry Be Happy”.


My Question: How do you tech-out the holidays?

The obvious answer is with smart outlets and light bulbs to set up a Hey Dingus, turn on the Christmas Tree” automation. It’s not only the obvious answer but perhaps my only one. I guess you could count switching over to my Christmas and Yule playlists, but I wouldn’t.


The holidays are drawing near, but I hope to be able to pop in for next week’s episode as usual.

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