Current writing progress…

  1. I’ve got some time, I’ll write up a few of those blog posts on the back burner!
  2. [Starts writing and then — bum bum bum — hits a small speed bump in the workflow] I bet I could write a script to make that better real quick.
  3. Oh, that was a clever solution! I should share it real quick.
  4. Well, in order to use it, you really have to do some customization. I’ll just write out the instructions in a blog post real quick.
  5. Oh, but what if you used a shortcut to create the script itself?! I’ll just make that super quick.
  6. Hmm…I’ve actually already made a shortcut like this before. Maybe I should just combine them into one real quick — it’ll be more useful to people that way.
  7. Shoot, I never moved that shortcut over to my site’s library. I guess I should update it and get it on my site while I’m in here so that it’s all done. Real quick?
  8. This little thing is turning into a whole thing. It’s kind of funny how these projects always seem to spiral out of control. It would actually make a pretty funny blog post.
  9. [Writes, edits, and publishes this very blog post.]
  10. Haha, that was great! Now, uh, what was I doing?

Update: 11. Literally reads through this very blog post to follow the breadcrumbs back and figure out that I left off with… Ah yes, including the newly updated shortcut in the blog post about the script I wrote so that can be published and I can, maybe, if there’s still time tonight, write one of the many blog posts on my to-write list. 😅


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