‘Trying to sum up my thoughts on Readwise Reader’

Greg Morris: Trying to sum up my thoughts on Readwise Reader

So, I’m stuck trying to pin down thoughts on sometimes ephemeral feelings provoked by an app. You can’t measure and compare feelings, but you know when they just don’t push your buttons.

Readwise Reader hasn’t pulled at my heartstrings either. There are bits that I love (auto narration, shortlist, blazing fast share extension, reading view, the Archive and Next’ button), but it doesn’t feel as effortless to use as Reeder. I’ve always aspired to be an article highlighter, but even while I’ve had access to Readwise’s premier highlighting service, I haven’t used it. Plus, Pocket articles sync to my Kobo…so, while I had high hopes, I’m not sure what I’m going to do.


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