7 Things This Week [#85]

A weekly list of interesting things I found on the internet, posted on Sundays. Sometimes themed, often not.

1️⃣ Simply astonishing photos in 2022’s class of World Nature Photography Award winners. [📷 worldnaturephotographyawards.com] (Via Jason Kottke)

2️⃣ Holy shit! This might be my favorite AI art tool yet. Give it a terrible scribble and a description, and it returns an image based on your drawing. Here’s a fun example. [🔗 scribblediffusion.com] (Via Brett Terpstra)

3️⃣ This toot got a chuckle out of me. [🔗 @viticci // mastodon.macstories.net]

4️⃣ As did this one. I love me some dry humor. [🔗 @moltz // mastodon.social]

5️⃣ Matt Birchler is a good follow wherever you find him (Mastodon, RSS, YouTube, YouTube again…). Smart, considered, helpful takes, plus he shares a lot of podcast clips, which I’d like to do more of. [🔗 @matt@isfeeling.social]

6️⃣ Omnivore is another intriguing read-later app that I’m trying out. So far: native design is nice, very fast Share Extension, best-in-class audio readings, but less polished than I’d expect for an app that gets so close. [🔗 Omnivore // apps.apple.com]

7️⃣ Jason Becker’s Letters project continues to lure me. He corresponds with someone each week (a new person each month) and publishes the conversation to his blog. It appears to be a fantastic way to break into new writing topics. [🔗 Jason Becker // json.blog]

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