Micro.blog Gains Automatic Podcast Transcripts (Yep, They Also Do Podcasts!)

Manton Reece on an exciting new feature addition to their podcasting platform:

We’ve launched a new feature for Micro.blog Premium customers: automatic podcast episode transcripts, powered by OpenAI’s Whisper model. I’m excited about this because it’s one of the more practical, time-saving solutions coming out of the rise of AI. The automatic transcripts are so accurate they can be used as-is, or edited by hand as you have time.


The new transcripts feature is available to anyone hosting their podcast on Micro.blog. When you upload a new MP3, Micro.blog will process it to generate a transcript. You can then edit the transcript or link it from your podcast page.

What a great, practical use of Whisper. I love that it’s automatic, and can be linked for listeners who want to follow along. Anything that helps make the internet a more accessible place for us all gets a thumbs up from me.

Manton continues with icing on the cake:

There’s no extra charge for any of this. Micro.blog Premium has always been $10/month and it will continue to be priced that way. It includes podcast hosting and also email newsletters, bookmark archiving, web page highlights, and much more. We think it’s a great value.

If I were to start a podcast today, I would absolutely use Micro.blog’s infrastructure. It’s where I’m already doing my microblogging, the setup looks dead simple, and I listen to at least one high-profile podcast that uses it.


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