‘Rewind’s new feature brings ChatGPT to your personal information’

Are you ready for the next mind-blowing frontier for these AI Chatbots” that are taking the world by storm? David Pierce shared an example on The Verge of what is possible when GPT meets your computer lifestream:

Dan Siroker, the CEO of Rewind.ai, gave me a demo of the new feature ahead of its launch. He and I had never met before, but we’d emailed a couple of times, and he’d looked me up ahead of our meeting. So he opened up the ChatGPT For Me window, a separate chat window inside the Rewind app, and typed how do I know David Pierce?” A few seconds later, it spit back an answer: we had a recent interaction after I reached out to introduce myself. (True and true.) We scheduled a 30-minute Zoom on March 22nd, 2023 (true), and discussed a big launch happening at Rewind (true). It also linked to the calendar event for our meeting, my LinkedIn page from his browser history, and more. With 10 seconds and one paragraph, Rewind detailed our entire relationship.

A personalized large language model-powered assistant is a very exciting possibility. But, done wrong, could have disastrous consequences. Setting aside the potential privacy concerns of letting an app record everything we do on our computers — difficult to set asides, I know — also allowing it to slurp up all that data to train a model that’s a big black box on the web would be nerve wracking, to say the least.

But with things like Rewind’s ChatGPT for Me, I can see glimpses of a future where we can ask natural language questions about our personal lives and get genuinely useful responses back. It’d be the infinitely accessible, summarizable, and interactive super memory that so many of us long for. A truly personal assistant.

I’m not going to say that Apple is the only company I’d trust with this kind of access to my data. But it’s a short list, and I am curious and optimistic to see if something like ChatGPT for Me emerges from them down the road.


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