Switching It Up?

Stephen Hackett, writing at 512 Pixels on the rumor that the iPhone’s ringer switch will be changing significantly this year:

[…] I couldn’t work out why I felt so weird about the idea of the iPhone’s ringer switch going away.

It hit me today: the ringer switch is one (of the ever-shrinking number) of the hardware feature of the original iPhone that is still with us today.

Stephen hit the nail on the head with this one. It’s been with us for over 15 years, and I’ll be a bit sad to see it go.

You know, I’ve often wondered why other phone manufacturers haven’t copied this hardware feature in the way they copied so many other things from the iPhone. It’s so undeniably useful to anyone who’s tried it. And aside from the piece of mind it provides, that little switch is probably my most-used fidget toy.

Don’t miss Stephen’s footnote about the iPad’s old switch, either. That’s another gone-yet-not-forgotten hardware feature.


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