The Best In-App Feedback System Yet

I can’t get over how well done the feature suggestion and bug reporting flow is in Readwise Reader. Take a look:

Reader’s simple text box for writing in feedback.
I’d love it if feedback was always this quick and painless to provide.

Too many systems require endless dropdown menus, they need step-by-step instructions to reproduce the problem, and end up feeling like way more trouble than their worth. I’m looking directly at you, Apple’s Feedback Assistant.

Reader’s open-ended text box allows me to write out my thoughts plainly, as if I’m just sending a quick message over to the app’s developers. It feels informal, and I never get frustrated trying to send along my thoughts. Which is good for the folks on the receiving end because by the time I’m done filling out most feedback forms, I’m more pissed off than I was with the initial problem and I’m sure that comes across in my feedback.

Reader earns bonus points for the prompt, well, feedback on any report sent over in the way of an email confirmation. I’ve also gotten direct messages in their Discord regarding my bug reports and feature requests.

Reader’s flow for starting a feedback message, selecting the type, and their email confirmation.
Starting a feedback report is top-level in the document More’ menu, and requires just one quick classification before you’re writing out the message.

In the end, it’s the results from feature suggestions and bug reports that really matters, but Reader’s no-fuss system tells me that they really do want to receive a bunch of feedback so that they can improve their product. Most app developers could learn a lot by taking a leaf out of the Reader book.


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