MacLife Magazine’s Ink Runs Dry

Harry McCraken, writing for Technologizer:

But I’m not writing this article because the dead-tree versions of Maximum PC and MacLife are no more. I’m writing it because they were the last two extant U.S. computer magazines that had managed to cling to life until now. With their abandonment of print, the computer magazine era has officially ended.

As a budding technology enthusiast in late middle school or early high school, I was thrilled to receive a yearlong MacLife magazine subscription as a gift. It was a recognition and celebration of my nerdery. I kept each of the issues for years, marveling how it felt to geek out alongside” the writers about something that few other people in my life cared about. I’d idly flip through them, admiring the superior graphical user interface and application library of the Mac while I still suffered through with a PC.

It was before I could get away with surfing the internet for hours and hours, and, as I see now, reading MacLife was the precursor to my tech-centered RSS and podcast devouring habits.

This news makes me a bit sad, if only for nostalgia’s sake. Honestly, if you had asked me yesterday, I probably would have guessed that MacLife was already out of print.

(Via Six Colors)


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