Seeking Letters Project Correspondents!

It’s time to try something new! I’ve been inspired by Jason Becker’s Letters project this year. Each month, he’s been emailing back and forth with someone he’s met on the internet. It’s been fascinating to see these, usually private, letters in public. It’s kind of like getting to see friendships blossom before my very eyes.

Right from the start, I was intrigued by Jason’s project since I’ve always thought of blogging, more or less, as just emails sent to the world. Well, now I’m kicking off my own version of the Letters project and I’ll literally be publishing emails to the web. And you — yes, you! — could be part of it. More on that below.

Here’s how it’ll work: Each week, I’ll write or respond to an email from an internet acquaintance. I’ll publish the conversation as it stands each week, referencing the previous message. And we’ll chat back and forth like that for a whole month. Again, you should check out Jason’s posts so far for examples.

Here’s where you come in, Dear Reader. If you think you’d like to be part of this project, please get in touch! Feel free to provide a short introduction or a link to your home on the internet, and let me know which month or two you’re available (let’s leave the good stuff for the actual letters 😉). There will be no pressure on topics, just whatever’s on your mind. Here are some general guidelines that I’m also borrowing (with permission) from Jason Becker:

  1. The person I’m corresponding with will write the first letter.
  2. I will respond during the same week. They do not have to write again until the next week.
  3. Each letter will be at least 250 words.
  4. I will post the correspondent’s letter followed by my response on my blog. If they have a blog, they can do the same and I will gladly link to them.

I’m thrilled to announce that José Muñoz has agreed to be my first correspondent. I’ll be kicking that one off with the first letter and we’ll be chatting throughout May. You’ll be able to follow along between his site and mine. But that leaves all future months wide open (see here). I’d love to get to know you, what makes you tick, your hopes and dreams, or just what’s going on in your neck of the woods.

It’ll be fun, I promise. Just let me know if you want to be a part of it. 😄✉️


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