7 Things This Week [#99]

A weekly list of interesting things I found on the internet, posted on Sundays. Sometimes themed, often not.

I totally mixed up my days and thought today was Sunday. Whoops!

1️⃣ I got a good chuckle out of these eight rules for loving a fulfilling life. Now I want nothing more than to become a Mirror-Person. [🔗 thoughtsbyaashiq.bearblog.dev]

2️⃣ Whoa, I did not expect to get so emotional watching this student pilot land her plane after the front wheel fell off. The professionalism and calm of the team that talked her through it got my eyes a little wet. 🥲 [⏯️ VASAviation - // youtube.com]

3️⃣ A Russian family survived in the Siberian wilderness for over 40 years without seeing another human. [🔗 Mike Dash // smithsonianmag.com]

4️⃣ Looks like we’ll be able to recreate the Home Screen widget column of old when iPadOS 17 drops! [🔗 Chance Miller // 9to5mac.com]

5️⃣ I very much enjoyed this long-winded yet spot-on metaphor of steaming services as wineries by Joe Steel. [🔗 Joe Steel // joe-steel.com]

6️⃣ This story of how Mick Jagger’s daughter got a pre-release original Macintosh has a couple of fun twists and turns. [🔗 folklore.org]

7️⃣ John Gruber hosted a great interview and chat with Christian Selig covering the Reddit fiasco and history of his Apollo app. [🔗 The Talk Show // overcast.fm]

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