Letters with V, June 2023 [#1]

Jarrod’s and V’s avatars separated by the letter emoji and their website domains below their images.
(Image inspiration: José Muñoz)

For the PenPals project this month, I’ll be corresponding with V. You’ll be able to follow along with our conversation both here and on his site at vmac.ch.

Here’s our first exchange, as summarized by ChatGPT:

V initiates the June letters project, mentioning his birthday and a job switch, currently on a break between employment. He reflects on the peculiar experience of writing a letter meant for public consumption and acknowledges a headache affecting his morning writing. V appreciates the therapeutic value of writing and hopes to write more long-form blog posts organically. He discusses his preference for shorter, single-round games like UNO or Speed. Jarrod shares his admiration for V’s morning writing flow and confesses to occasional jealousy. Jarrod responds, congratulating V on the new job and wishing him an early happy birthday. He discusses the challenge of publishing private messages publicly, emphasizing the project’s goal of pushing personal expression boundaries. Jarrod shares his approach to video games and envies V’s morning writing routine. He reflects on the overwhelming nature of catching up on WWDC-related content and inquires about V’s favorite announcements. The exchange concludes with casual banter about Grammarly use and a friendly sign-off.

If you’d like to be a penpal for this project, please reach out! I’d love to get you on the schedule.


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