Oh, Hey, My Mastodon Followers Have Surpassed Twitter Ones

This isn’t terribly interesting, but perhaps noteworthy all the same: the @HeyDingus account on Mastodon now has more followers than the (inactive) @HeyDingusNet one does on Twitter. It took me two years to amass that many followers on Twitter, but only seven months for the Mastodon account to surpass it.

Screenshots comparing the site’s Mastodon account with 30 followers to the old Twitter one with 29 of them.
Slow and steady.

As far as engagement goes, I’d say they’re about the same. I never got many retweets or replies on that account on Twitter, and I still don’t now on Mastodon. That’s okay, since the Mastodon account exists mostly as a way for people to know when new stuff gets posted without having to check the site or subscribe via email or RSS.

Folks have been much more likely to engage with me about posts through my personal @jarrod account, where I do have way more interactions than I did on Twitter. But since that account is through Micro.blog rather than a typical Mastodon instance, I don’t know how many followers I’ve picked up there.


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