WWDC23: Friday’s Tidbits

Okay, let’s do this one last time.

9to5Mac put out this iPadOS 17 overview video a couple of days ago, but I just got around to watching it today. Too many little changes and improvements to note here, so I recommend you throw it into 1.25x mode and watch all the way through:

Love how you can do this iOS 7 style super-thin font in iOS 17. Sometimes it looks good :)

1st Shot:

Got the new Object Capture APIs working and decided to clone my Ollie figurine 😃

Here’s a sped up version of a scan of the figurine. #WWDC #WWDC23

2nd Shot:

And here I’m showing the captured object in AR. Object Capture produces better results after scanning the object multiple times. I have scanned the figurine twice and the result seems pretty good to me 😃 #WWDC #WWDC23


Y’all I used the new Object Capture API to clone my girlfriend 😂 #WWDC #WWDC23

I’m fascinated to see what file format/approach we will need to use for our app icons in visionOS. Based on the visuals we can see in the promo material, it looks like we might be providing a segmented stack of images which the OS then magically makes 3D. Though I suppose a custom 3D format could also be possible but seems like that would lead to less consistency between apps.

A zoom in photo of the Photos app in visionOS.  Where the colorful rainbow elements are elevated from the background.

I’m convinced that App Shortcuts in Spotlight are the sleeper killer feature this year. This is basically spotlight extensions for third parties. I really hope to see third party apps take advantage of these.

Quoting @supercgeek: https:///11051517220 #retoot

While the battery pack will need a charging indicator, it’s notable that there are two round holes of different sizes. One will be an LED, but it does raise the question of the purpose of the other.

One possibility is, as Rui suggests, that you could use a SIM removal tool to pop out the connector — and then plug it into a spare battery pack.

If you’re an iOS or macOS user, you may be familiar with VPN apps, which easily help you connect to a VPN on your devices. However, Apple TV lacks this feature, forcing users to set up a VPN directly in their router. But starting with tvOS 17, Apple will finally allow developers to release VPN apps in the Apple TV App Store.

wow, copying text from images got even better. now it can maintain the formatting of tables.
This, together with clipboard continuity, are one of the best features of the Apple ecosystem. I used them multiple times a day!


I second this sentiment. Serenity Caldwells roundups were super nice. As a non-developer, it made the sessions feel more inviting and gave me hints at what kinds of features might be coming in third-party apps.

Seems like there’s a new app in Utilities in macOS Sonoma: Print Center, version 1.0.

I wonder if the previous Print Jobs view was written in some old archaic framework and they just decided to modernize it.

Nothing special, just shows your print job queue.

#WWDC #macOSSonoma

They didn’t talk about it much in sessions, but it seems like visionOS is going to be doing vector rendering on text and UI so that you can get up close with app windows and still see sharp detail. This is going to prove slightly problematic for apps with rendering that bakes text or symbols into images, as they’ll only get bitmap scaling and blur when blown up. Very curious to see what issues that might highlight in my own apps


Congratulations and thank you to all the teams at Apple that not only made this week possible, but exciting from start to finish.


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