WWDC23: The Peanut Gallery’s Best Keynote Jokes

The folks in my Micro.blog timeline are a witty bunch. One day I hope to quip as well as them. I’ve rounded up a collection of my favorite jokes from during the (most of) keynote.1 Unofficial Master of Mirth: Lex Friedman

This is a really sweet solution. #WWDC

That’ll be so handy when I’m trying to talk over my marching band…I mean kids. Same noise level, really. #WWDC2023

“our home is also where we connect with loved ones”


Widgets Everywhere, All At Once.

I wonder what they’re paying to license Snoopy. I bet it’s peanuts.

“A new indicator will show you where you realized she no longer loves you.” #WWDC

Hmm. Myopia. I see.

“There’s literally nothing weird about talking to people through goggles.” #WWDC

Goodbye to Jony’s White World

Say hello to Tim’s Dark Dungeon

Hey Snoopy, hold my beer. #WWDC23

I can’t wait to install Tweetbot on this thing though

Foveated renderer? I hardly know her!

@Moltz I don’t think VisionPro has legs

“We expect to sell tens of these devices.”


A screen grab from the apple.com website showing the top navigation bar with silhouettes of two new Macs: the Mac Studio and the Mac Pro, both with “New” in red text beneath them. But the Mac Pro silhouettes is missing, leaving a blank space where it should be.

New definition of Airplane” mode.

My favorite announcement of #WWDC was Game Porting Toolkit. Eager to learn more. Hope it’s… game changing.

Officer, yes, I was wearing my Apple Vision Pro while driving, but my tesla was in self driving mode, so what’s the problem?

  1. If any more posts get a chuckle out of me, I’ll append them to the bottom of this page. Hopefully, I’ll be able to go back on my timeline to the start of the keynote to mine for some more gold!↩︎


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