It’s a Prime Day to Try an Indie App

Have you heard? We’re in the middle of one of the biggest shopping events of the year! Not that one, nor that one (although I did send my Mom recommendations for big savings on a Mac, monitor, and USB hub for that one). No, it’s the Indie Dev Sales event, running through tomorrow, July 12.

A mosaic of layered app icons behind the text “Indie App Sales July 11-12”
Come on, you know you want at least one of these apps. (Image: Matt Corey)

It seems like all the best apps on my gadgets are made by talented independent developers, so I’m thrilled and thankful to see that Matt Corey has put in the work to negotiate and consolidate huge deals on over 100 apps. Huge deals meaning 40%-60% off most apps.

To see the full list, check out the README file in the event’s GitHub repo (very developer-y, right?). Here are the apps on the list that I’ve tried out over the years and can wholeheartedly recommend:

Personal Best ($4.99 for the first year of Personal Best Pro, up to 50% off, use code PRIMEDAY2023)

HomePass for HomeKit ($1.99, 33% off)

HomeRun for HomeKit ($4.99 lifetime, 50% off)

Where To? — Search nearby places ($0.99 for Where To? Pro, 66% off first year)

Focused Work - Pomodoro Timer (30% off annual/monthly)

Tasks: Kanban & Todo lists (20% off)

MacWhisper Pro (€10, 50% off)

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