Letters with Chris V, June 2023 [#3]

Jarrod’s and V’s avatars separated by the letter emoji and their website domains below their images.
(Image inspiration: Jose Munoz)

This is a peak at my final correspondence with Chris V (as summarized by ChatGPT) for the PenPals project this month:

Chris congratulates Jarrod on buying a house and shares his experiences with property ownership in Switzerland. He discusses language learning, revealing his proficiency in Swiss German, Dutch, English, and partial knowledge of French. Chris delves into his journey of writing in English, emphasizing the creative freedom it offers. He explores his love for fiction writing, specifically in the fantasy and science fiction genres, and details his learning process. Chris expresses excitement about his new job in AR, the benefits of working in a startup, and his preference for a less bureaucratic work environment. The conversation also touches on the challenges of maintaining a blog, writing habits, and reflections on life choices. Jarrod responds, acknowledging the challenges of the housing market, expressing admiration for Chris’s multilingual abilities, discussing ASL, and sharing insights into his work schedule. Jarrod expresses optimism for a more open social web, discusses his job in a gear shop and guiding company, and shares fond memories of camping. He appreciates the exchange of personal stories and looks forward to future interactions.

If you’d like to be a penpal for this project, please reach out! I’d love to get you on the schedule.


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