⌘ July 17, 2023

Tiny Awards Wants Your Vote for the Slickest Mini Internet Project

The finalists in the Tiny Awards are all incredibly clever little internet projects that push on your preconceptions of a website”.

One of them writes a poem for you to read while following directions from your current location, along with actions to do along your journey to a new place.

Another is a digital publication that contains a project that uses a language model to rewrite thoughts out of the author’s private journal with an evocative illustration of spiraling thoughts.

Yet another is simply rotating sandwiches.

But my vote went to a project that is crowd-sourcing definitions for every word using an acronym of that word. For example, I submitted an acronymic definition for iconoclasts”: individuals challenging orthodox notions or customs liberating arts sciences traditions sonorously

Go check these out, and do it fast! Voting ends on Thursday, July 20.


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