Yet Another Opinion on X

I suppose since this is the place where I showcase my opinions, I should register one for the Twitter → X rebrand.

Speaking objectively, of course. I’m subjectively sickened by what Twitter has turned into under Musk’s management, if you can call it that.

If Musk wants to make an everything app, I guess X” is as generic as you can get. If you don’t stand for anything, what will you fall for?” and all that. But, not being a fan of everything apps, I think a better course of action would have been to make X the overarching parent company and user account system that ties together the new banking and shopping services that he seems to want to reenter, alongside Twitter for social networking. Much like Meta has done with Facebook, Instagram, and now Threads.

But, as an erratic and impulsive person seemingly intent on emptying Twitter of all its brand value and cachet for the fun of it, Musk has turned what was an approachable and understandable product into one that is harsh and intentionally vague. I mean, come on, posts will be called x’s”? What even is this? They’re just posts!

Twitter has long been dead to me, but this feels like Musk dancing on its grave. I now get the same feeling from news about The Social Network Formally Known as Twitter as I did about Truth Social and Parler: sad-and-incredulity-tinged indifference.

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