Yep, Everyone Is Right. Callsheet Is Great.

Casey Liss, describing his new app Callsheet:

Callsheet, in short, allows you to look up movies, TV shows, cast, and crew. You can think of it as similar to the IMDb app but… with respect for its users. Which, actually, makes it not like IMDb at all. 🙃

When I watch a movie or TV show, I’m constantly trying to figure out who that actor is, who the director is, and so on. Early this year, I wanted a way to look this up that was native to iOS/iPadOS, but also fast, with no fluff that I wasn’t interested in. I wanted a bespoke version of the IMDb app.

It’s unlikely that you haven’t heard about Callsheet yet this week, but I’m here to pile on the praise. I’ve been using Casey’s app throughout the beta period, and it’s been solid from day one.

I’m totally that person who can’t help but point out what show or movie we know an actor from, and it completely derails my attention until I can figure it out. Callsheet makes figuring that out easy, ad-free, and — most importantly — fast. I love all the attention to detail that Casey has poured into the app. For example, try tapping on a show or movie’s runtime to see at what time it would end!

The pricing is more than fair. $1 per month or $9 per year (as of launch). Plus you get 20 searches totally free to try it out AND a weeklong free trial when you start your subscription. I even appreciate the honest, whole-number pricing — no $0.99s or $8.99s in sight.

Casey is right to disparage the IMDb app. It’s become an ad-filled, in-your-face, and in-your-way atrocity. One of the only good things that I can say about it is that it has inspired the creation of Callsheet. In a myriad of ways, right down to app size, Callsheet respects its users where IMDb doesn’t. IMDb weighs in at 103 MB of storage on your device. Callsheet punches way above its weight class, beating IMDb at its own game with a minuscule 5 MB.

Stephen Hackett summarized it best, saying, Callsheet is the indie app scene at its best — taking on a huge app written by people who don’t seem to care about their users — and doing a better job at it in every single way.”

The TV Tracking Dynamic Duo

Callsheet pairs well with my other favorite TV-focused, indie-developed app: TV Forecast. Callsheet excels at looking up people, and TV Forecast is best at tracking shows (and now movies!) that you’ve watched and want to watch. And while you can get actor details in TV Forecast, Callsheet has quickly become the tool I reach for to solve the where do we know them from?” problem.

You should give both apps a look, but especially Callsheet this week to boost Casey’s launch. And, for the love of god, delete IMDb!


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