7 Things This Week [#111]

A weekly list of interesting things I found on the internet, posted on Sundays. Sometimes themed, often not.

1️⃣ Although a bit ham-fisted, this video comparing SMS (which iPhone uses to text with Android) to using a pager is effective. They copied the Apple video reveal style very well. [▶️ Android // youtube.com]

2️⃣ I just stumbled across Jerrod Hofferth’s homepage and it’s pretty awesome. I watched through to the end. [🔗 hofferth.net]

3️⃣ Robb Knight is doing some awesome work for others here by providing a one-stop shop for St. Jude campaigns that just need a $1 donation to get the fundraiser’s coveted challenge coin treat. If you’ve got a dollar to spare, this site would be a great place to spend it. [🔗 Robb Knight // coinme.dad/dy or coin.rknight.me]

4️⃣ Speaking of treats and Robb Knight, he also put together this page which aggregates all the various rewards you can earn from donating to any of the Relay FM for St. Jude campaigns. You’ll see my custom Shortcut reward listed there! [Robb Knight // donationtreats.rknight.me]

5️⃣ You’ll notice that Robb is following this apt advice of hosting your internet projects at a subdomain of your home on the web. [🔗 Chris Coiyer // chriscoiyer.net]

6️⃣ Some really impressive audio improvement happening with Adobe’s AI tool here. [▶️ A Better Computer // youtube.com]

7️⃣ They say that you get rich by being cheap. Berkshire Hathaway is one of the most valuable and successful holding companies, and they get away with their homepage being this…well…just take a look. [🔗 berkshirehathaway.com]

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