So That’s What They Do With All the Old iMacs

As is the case with most Tim Cook interviews, there wasn’t much substance in this CBS one with John Dickerson that we didn’t already know. Although, I will say that I’m glad Dickerson pushed Cook on their X (formerly Twitter) advertising.

Despite the lack of notable conversation, it’s interesting to see behind the scenes in Apple corporate centers where some interviews occur. For instance, I was tickled to see this wall display by a drinking fountain at one of their call centers. Why put in a dumb screen when you can install a whole old iMac?

Tim Cook and John Dickerson walk down a brightly lit hallway in an Apple call center. On the right is a drinking fountain with an iMac installed in the wall above it.
Reduce, reuse, recycle, I suppose!

And check out those light bars that go up the wall and across the ceiling. Apple’s architectural prowess shows even in the places customers never (well…) see.

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