7 Things This Week [#126]

A weekly list of interesting things I found on the internet, posted on Sundays. Sometimes themed, often not.

1️⃣ This is an incredible(ly clever) blog built atop of Bear Blogs. [🔗 library.xandra.cc]

2️⃣ Robb made a live word cloud for the App Defaults blogging trend! [🔗 Robb Knight // rknight.me]

3️⃣ Ben Yafai’s home page has a color-changer fidget toy that I love. Actually, there are a bunch of little elements around his site that are super clever. [🔗 ben.yaf.ai]

4️⃣ Man, humans are so cool. A 13-year-old just scored the new world record in Tetris and his reaction is priceless. [🔗 kottke.org]

5️⃣ I missed this iPhone ad when it came out a few weeks ago. It’s so good! Very creative. I almost felt bad for the power outlet. [🔗 Apple // youtube.com]

6️⃣ You know how all those analog-to-digital writing systems you had to write on certain paper and maybe scan it into an app afterward? This Nuwa Pen promises that you can write on any paper because the smarts (camera) is built into the pen. You still have to use their app, and now you also have to charge your pen. 🙄 But it does look pretty cool. I’d definitely want to see reviews once it’s out though. [🔗 nuwapen.com]

7️⃣ RSS Parrot lets you follow a Fediverse account for any RSS feed. [🔗 rss-parrot.net] (via Robb Knight)

52 Albums Project

And now for something new! Inspired by Matt Birchler’s 365 Albums Project, I’ll be sharing one of my favorite albums each week this year as part of 7 Things. I don’t promise to share why I like each one — although I might! — I just promise to share a great album each week that I think you should listen to. (Links will be to album.link so you can listen in your music provider of choice.)

If you have (good) things to say about any of my choices, I’d love to hear them. No bummers, please!

Here we go…

~How I’m Feeling~ by Lauv (2020) — #1/52

It’s only been out for three years, but ~How I’m Feeling~ has to be one of my most-played albums of all-time. Lauv’s crystal-clear vocals ring true and carry forth all the emotion you’d expect from an album with such a title. It’s catchy from start to finish. It’s well-produced, yet raw. It makes me feel things. I love it.

Another life, another story…

Follow along on the 52 Albums Project page where I’m making some playlists for you.

Take a Chance

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7 Things 52 Albums

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