Apple Return Policy PSA

PSA for folks looking to get the most out of a generous return period/policy:1

From Apple, you get two weeks before you need to initiate the return. And then, in my experience, another two weeks before it needs to be shipped with their free return label. I initiated a return on February 15 for something delivered on the 2nd, but it just needs to get to FedEx by the 29th. Nearly a full month for you to try it out. And plenty of time for me to see if this way cheaper Vision Pro case as recommended by MacStories can beat out the Apple one, which I don’t love only because it’s massive.

  1. Which, by the way, I have no qualms with. If they didn’t want people to use it, or want to stand behind it, they wouldn’t offer it! Both Amazon’s and Apple’s winter holiday return policies get liberal use in this household.↩︎


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