7 Things (Which Are My Favorite Routes I Climbed in Red Rocks) This Week [#138]

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I was in Las Vegas all week — not to gamble, but to climb in the beautiful Red Rocks Conservation Area. It was an incredible week of climbing and descending very big rocks in the desert canyons with my buddy. They were long days, all of them, so I didn’t do much internet browsing. Here are some of my favorite routes I climbed instead.

1️⃣ Lady Luck (5.6, 7 pitches, 1000 feet)

2️⃣ Peaches (5.7, 1 pitch, 120 feet)

3️⃣ Stand Dumb and Speak Not (5.7, 1 pitch, 80 feet)

4️⃣ Kibbles n bits (5.8-, 2 pitches, 190 feet)

5️⃣ Man’s Best Friend (5.7, 2 pitches, 180 feet)

6️⃣ Motorcycle Mama (5.6, 1 pitch, 90 feet)

7️⃣ Johnny Vegas (5.7, 4 pitches, 450 feet) linked with Going Nuts (5.6, 2 pitches, 300 feet)

52 Albums Project

No Matter Where You Are by Us The Duo (2014) — #13/52

I know I shared an Us The Duo album just a few weeks ago, but they’ve been on my mind since learning that they’re no longer together as husband and wife. It sounds like they’ll continue to produce music together, but just as friends (and co-parents) and not as a married couple. Kind of a shock.

Anyway, this is one of my favorite albums from them and contains a song (“Make You Mine”) which was this close to being my wife’s and my first dance song. Great stuff from start to finish.

Follow along on the 52 Albums Project page where I’m making some playlists for you.

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