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7 Things This Week [#134]

A weekly list of interesting things I found on the internet, posted on Sundays. Sometimes themed, often not.

1️⃣ The perfect game doesn’t exis… [🔗 @rileytestut // threads.net]

2️⃣ David Letterman’s reactions to trying the Vision Pro had me grinning from start to finish. [🔗 Letterman // youtube.com]

3️⃣ Some leadership lessons derived from the (complicated) Steve Jobs. [🔗 Walter Issacson // hbr.org]

4️⃣ Some common sense (once you read them) rules for web design. [🔗 anthonyhobday.com]

5️⃣ Apps like this AR MIDI Widgets creator are exactly what I was hoping would get explored with Vision Pro. Such a clever use of anchoring settings to your wrist. Can’t wait to see more like this in action. [🔗 Geert Bevin // youtube.com]

6️⃣ I’ve always been frustrated by folks who talk shit about e-bikes and how they make you lazy”. Now there’s research that shows people riding e-bikes get more exercise than riding traditional ones. Anything that gets people more likely to get outside and moving is great in my book. [🔗 Micah Toll // electrek.co]

7️⃣ Are you an uphill person or a downhill person? (I’m uphill leaning, but I sure do love going down on skis too!) [🔗 @outsidemagazine // instagram.com]

52 Albums Project

Human by dodie (2019) — #9/52

So, I have a thing for stylistically stripped back music where lyrics take center stage and ear worm tunes. I can’t remember how I happened across dodie’s music, but it fell right in place with those preferences. I like to think of her as a bedroom creator, just noodling around on her songs, crafting them till their just right and recording without many frills. My imagination is probably all wrong from reality, but it’s how I like to picture this music coming to be.

Human is just a tight 23 minutes, but it’s one of my favorites and provides an excellent intro to dodie’s music. If you get to the end of the seven tracks yearning for more, well, you’re in for a treat. She has a number of EPs and singles, as well as another full album, waiting for you.

Follow along on the 52 Albums Project page where I’m making some playlists for you.

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7 Things 52 Albums

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