⌘ April 2, 2024

PenPaling With Valerie: Ramadan Updates, Crampons, Photoblogging, and More on Worldly Travel

From my latest exchange with Valerie V.:

You said, posting a photo every day is quite a commitment”. Yes, I used to think of my blog as posting a picture every day”. But now I think of it as posting a picture for each day”. There are no consequences if I miss a day, or don’t have any [good] pictures for a day, or just want to share a photo from the past that I never posted. It takes the pressure off of my blog needing to be a perfect track record of everything I’ve ever done at that exact time, and keeps it more about just fun, interesting or weird things that I want to share.

It tickles me to chat with people whose day-to-day lives are so different than mine, and yet invariably find how very much we always have in common.


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