Stand Goal Cheater shortcut

Use Apple Shortcuts to get Apple Watch Stand Goal credit in an hour of your choosing.

This shortcut adds a one-minute walking workout to the Health app in the hour of your choosing when your Apple Watch doesn’t accurately record your stand hours. Don’t miss out on your streak!

Note that it must be run on an iPhone or iPad (as of iPadOS 17) as the Mac does not include the Health app.

The origin and methodology of this shortcut are documented in this blog post.

Run This Shortcut

You can run this shortcut from its URL (such as from within a note, calendar event, or to-do item):


Latest Release Notes

Version 1.6 - 2024-01-26

  • Changed the Log Workout’ action’s distance and calorie amounts from decimals to integers (1 inch and 1 calorie) to avoid errors when run in regions where a different symbol is used to designate the decimal. (Thanks Dave!)
  • Download version 1.6
Version History

Version 1.5 - September 20, 2023, 7:45am

  • Fixed a bug that resulted in the shortcut failing when run on iOS 17 by adding a minimal distance and calorie count to the Log Workout’ action (Thanks Robert W.)
  • Added support for running on an iPad since the Health app was added to iPadOS 17
  • Download version 1.5

Version 1.4 - July 3, 2023, 8:00pm

  • Updated the comment actions to include links to the new home for updated versions on HeyDingus.
  • Used newer actions to easily select the date and time to log rather than typing it out.
  • Changed default logged time to one hour in the past.
  • Changed the alert that displays if you didn’t actually walk around to be less accusatory and more encouraging.
  • Download version 1.4

1.3 - April 19, 2022, 7:26pm

  • Cleaned up some text and added comments for more clarity in preparation for submission to MacStories’ #AutomationApril.
  • Download version 1.3

1.2 (iOS 15)

1.1 (iOS 15)

  • Added the RoutineHub link for users to see where to get the latest version of this shortcut
  • Specified that this shortcut does not run on the Mac either
  • Download version 1.1

1.0 (iOS 14)

Thanks for checking out this shortcut! It’s part of the HeyDingus Shortcuts Library. If you’re sharing my shortcuts or modifying them (or see a bug or have a feature request), I’d love to hear from you — please give me a shout! And maybe consider a donation if you find this shortcut fun or useful. Thank you. ✌️