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Use Apple Shortcuts to publish a selected blockquote, with or without commentary, to

This shortcut provides a quick and easy way to publish a blockquote from a Safari webpage (or in-app Safari web view), with or without a comment, to Just select the text you want to quote, hit the share button in the toolbar, and run this shortcut. You’re given the option to add a comment and review the text before publishing.

When you add your own comment to the quote, the post adds the u-in-reply-to” class to the link so that will automatically send a Webmention to the quoted site, letting it know that you responded on your blog.

This shortcut was adapted from a version shared by Greg Morris on

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Version 1.0 - Released 2023-11-07

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Thanks for checking out this shortcut! It’s part of the HeyDingus Shortcuts Library. Although it isn’t required, I’d certainly appreciate attribution if you use or share my shortcuts. ✌️