Simple MB Image Uploader shortcut

Use Apple Shortcuts to upload an image to with minimal interaction and frills.

This shortcut helps you to upload an image to your account and copy the resulting URL as a Markdown image reference to the clipboard for easy sharing or editing. Send an image to it from the share sheet, or run it without input to choose from sources like Files, Photos, the clipboard, and the camera.

No frills or menus to tap through. Just get an image into the shortcut and it spits out Markdown. Works great when run as a function from other shortcuts, like when building a blog post with an image, since it requires minimal interaction.

Includes an option to automatically generate image descriptions for each upload using the Generate Alt Text with OpenAI Vision’ shortcut.

See It in Action

Uploading an image with this shortcut and showing the resulting Markdown image reference.
In just a few seconds, you’ve got a Markdown image ready to share.

Companion Shortcuts

  • Use the Generate Alt Text with OpenAI Vision shortcut to (optionally) automatically generate image descriptions. They’re not perfect, but they make an excellent starting point for better image descriptions.
  • The big brother to this shortcut is the Bulk MB Image Uploader, which allows you to upload many images at a time and have them all exported as a list of URLs, HTML, or Markdown.

Run This Shortcut

You can run this shortcut from its URL (such as from within a note, calendar event, or to-do item):


Latest Release Notes

Version 1.0 — 2024-04-13

Version History

No prior versions.

Thanks for checking out this shortcut! It’s part of the HeyDingus Shortcuts Library. If you’re sharing my shortcuts or modifying them (or see a bug or have a feature request), I’d love to hear from you — please give me a shout! And maybe consider a donation if you find this shortcut fun or useful. Thank you. ✌️