Now, January 2021

  • Living in Brunswick, OH with my wife and our three pets.
  • Working at Lake Erie Council, Boy Scouts of America. I’m a Senior Program Executive in the outdoor adventures department and I have recently gained new responsibilities as the lead for our external experiences”. I’ll be creating camps and other program opportunities for any kid instead of primarily for Scouts. And hopefully partnering with schools to experience Scouting through outdoor education.
  • Starting to get back into fitness by trying to close my rings every day. I’m getting stronger with Fitness+ and looking forward to getting back to running outdoors when the weather allows.
  • I’m trying to work a bit each day on this site. Every bit helps whether it’s collecting ideas (and I have a bunch!), writing a short linked post about something neat, or getting something substantial out of my head and on the page.
  • Journaling at least one sentence each day. Usually it’s simply an answer to the question, What am I grateful for today?”
  • I’m (still) reading Morning Star by Pierce Brown, but also trying to listen to A Promised Land by Barack Obama. I also just started All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr, which I received for Christmas.
  • Playing Sudoku, a little Chess, and Crossy Road Castle.
  • Watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Letterkenny, and Life in Pieces. My wife and I are almost done with all of Schitt’s Creek. Really looking forward to a couple of new series starting this month, like season two of Dickinson, Servant, and I’m going to check out WandaVision. I just finished up the second seasons of both The Mandalorian and His Dark Materials (of which I remain as mystified by the plot as I was when reading the books).
  • Listening to Jazz again for focus. I got some fancy new headphones that it sounds amazing through, so I’m trying to listen through some full albums of the great old musicians.
  • Reverting our home from a Christmastime wonderland to its year-round spacious glory.
  • Looking forward to the rollout of the vaccine and Inauguration Day.

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