7 (Nice) Things This Week [#69]

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1️⃣ The Ted Lasso team has really gone the extra mile by putting up billboards in the hometowns of the U.S. Men’s National Team with motivational messages for each player. This put a huge smile on my face. [Link - @TedLasso // twitter.com]

Tweet with two billboards with motivational messages from Ted Lasso.
For posterity, in case Twitter collapses.

2️⃣ Ash Ketchum finally becoming The Very Best™ makes me unreasonably happy. [Link - Andrew Webster // theverge.com]

3️⃣ Micheal Steeber is at it again with Facades, another Apple Retail-focused app. This time, it’s a database of all the stores worldwide with their location, opening date, and more. And tags for which stores have which certain designs and features, like Apple Pickup. I don’t know how Michael learns so fast. He’s literally taught himself 3D rendering and now Swift/SwiftUI coding all this year. I’m so impressed. (Oh, and it’s free! But you should totally throw something into the tip jar.). [Link - @MichaelSteeber // twitter.com]

4️⃣ Micheal Steeber actually released two apps this week. (I almost forgot amidst all the Twitter drama.) This one might be the most fun and meme-y $1 you could spend: a Verified checkmark sticker pack for iMessage. ☑️ [Link - @MichaelSteeber // twitter.com]

5️⃣ And because I can’t stop linking to Twitter things this week, here’s this resurrected Fail Whale comic that got a chuckle out of me. [Link - The Oatmeal Comic // theoatmeal.com]

6️⃣ The Beths’ newest album, Expert in a Dying Field has been on heavy rotation for me lately. Easy listening with deep messages. Bonus points for the creative album title. [Link — The Beths // album.link]

7️⃣ Noah Kane’s channel is my newest YouTube subscription (as you might have seen in this post). He’s making engaging and personable climbing videos. I first picked up on his stuff when he climbed our big wall here in the Adirondacks. And now he’s climbing in my old stomping grounds: The Garden of the Gods. [Link — Noah Kane // youtube.com]

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