Mac Notebooks vs. Laptops

Benjamin Mayo, back in October:

Over the last week, 9to5Mac has noticed that Apple Support articles have begun being updated to refer to laptops” or Mac laptops,” instead of notebooks.

At the risk of also sounding cranky, I always liked the term notebooks”, too. Laptop” might be the industry term, but Apple so often marches to the beat of its own drum that I’m surprised that they relented on this. And laptops don’t always go on laps, so it’s not a particularly more descriptive word. Notebooks always sounded just a little cooler than laptops — it’s a notably analog term for a high-tech computer — but with a non-pretentious, Mac vs. PC ad sort of vibe.

In any case, it looks like Belkin didn’t get the memo for their new iPhone mount:

Apple’s webpage for the Belkin iPhone mount.
This iPhone mount came out after the laptop term change.


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