Apple’s Striking Short Film Ahead of International Day of People with Disabilities

I love seeing how other people use their devices. Everyone does it a little differently. So Apple’s latest ad, The Greatest, showing off accessibility features used by people who actually use them to live their lives — not just in testing for product reviews — was fascinating. As Steven Aquino aptly put it, for this ad, […] the salient point is Apple is overtly advertising a disabled person’s basic humanity.”

It was striking when the screen went black for a couple of beats for viewers to get a sense of the utility of Door Detection. And went the sound cut out while the baby wailed, showcasing Sound Recognition.

I’d say it sits deservedly among Apple’s best ads.

UPDATE (2022-12-03): Apple followed up today with a couple of YouTube shorts going more in-depth with two of the people in their ad. Willie shows us how he navigates his Mac using facial expressions. And Scarlet keeps track of cooking multiple breakfast ingredients with Sound Recognition.

Both are engaging peeks at other ways folks live their lives. And, might I just say, their houses/sets and clothing styles are on point! 👌


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