Now, January 2023

  • Simplifying my Now page so that I’m more motivated to keep it updated
  • Ice climbing as much as possible to level up my New York State Guide License
  • Waging an internal war regarding having a blog and microblog, or if they should just be one thing
  • Getting psyched for the Saranac Lake Winter Carnival, Adirondack International Mountainfest, and Saranac Lake 3P race
  • Doing that annual thing where I read more books in January/February and then probably peter out (but hopefully not!)
  • Posting more to Instagram (which gets imported into my microblog) and trying out BeReal
  • Trying (still) to pare down my read/listen/watch-later queues and taking a hard look at what I can sustainably consume while also creating
  • Reckoning with the fact that my other Grandpa’s health is in severe decline
  • Biking indoors on rollers while the weather outside is frightful
  • Nordic (cross country) skiing, downhill skiing, and hopefully backcountry skiing soon
  • Attempting a 30-day minimalism challenge
  • Hoping to sponsor Gluons Discover page


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