7 Things This Week [#83]

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1️⃣ This macOS tips post is worth the price of admission just for the first one about the Stationary Pad option in the Get Info’ menu. [🔗 - Tim Hardwick // macrumors.com]

2️⃣ The modern version of the Wikipedia speed run game. [🔗 @PeterSciretta // twitter.com]

3️⃣ Here’s another neat use case for GPT3: Make an RSS feed with a short summary of each article to help you decide whether to click through. [🔗 piqoni // piqoni.bearblog.dev]

4️⃣ Casey Newton’s predictions for this year look very on-point to me. [🔗 Casey Newton // theverge.com]

5️⃣ I’m liking the look of this Sidekick Notebook from Cortex Brand. I’ve been using the Studio Neat desk notebook for a couple of years, but I appreciate that this is made to anti-precious. [🎥 - Cortex Podcast // youtube.com]

6️⃣ Last Skier Standing is a bananas competition where nutty people skin up 1100 feet and ski back down, and then do it again and again at the start of every hour. Until there’s only one skier left. (They went for 60+ hours last time.) I kinda want to try. [🎧 The Dirtbag Diaries // overcast.fm]

7️⃣ Like Steve Jobs’ declination to sign an autograph — actually, more so — Merlin’s email turning down the opportunity to write about his alma mater is a work of art. [🔗 Merlin Mann // ungainly.me]

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