Steve Jobs in February of 1984

From Leslie Berlin in a Steve Jobs Archive email update:

One evening after the event, as they were walking down O’Keefe Avenue looking for dinner, Steve—a notoriously fast walker—pulled to a halt. Someone in a store window was working on a Macintosh.

He had to take a closer look. How was this person using the Mac? Steve is so curious, so lasered in on trying to understand, that he is bent nearly double.


This is Steve at a pivotal moment. He’s about to turn 29. Apple, which he co-founded and chairs, has recently become one of the youngest companies ever to reach the Fortune 500. The Macintosh has been met with rave reviews. He is on top of the world.

I’m about to turn 29 myself, and though our trajectories are wildly different, I, too, know the keen excitement of seeing someone use, read, or experience something that you’ve poured yourself into. There’s nothing quite like it, and I hope Steve was proud to discover his creation in the hands of a customer that night.


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