Macs at WWDC Mean the Entire M2 Laptop Lineup Is Part of the Back to School Promo for Students

Over at 9to5Mac, Zac Hall has some happy news for students:

Customers can shop for a new Mac or iPad education pricing and redeem a gift card valued at up to $150. Macs that qualify include the newly announced 15-inch MacBook Air.

I know that if I had been a student when the first Apple silicon laptops were introduced, I would have felt a little betrayed that they were released just after the Back to School promotion ended (Internet Archive) and after I’d spent a good chunk of my limited savings on a computer that was so immediately outclassed. That’s one reason I’m glad to see the MacBook Air refreshed at WWDC the last couple of years, so they can be available for students. They’re often young people who are getting their first personal laptop and will use it for years to come. I like to think they’re getting the best computer, at the best price, to start.

I wonder if that thinking has worked it’s way into the Mac team’s planning timeline, or if it’s just a happy coincidence. Either way, I hope this trend continues.


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