WWDC23: Thursday’s Tidbits

Here we go again! Things seem to be winding down, which is good because my brain feels a bit washed up from all the information I’ve been filling it with. But there were still neat things to learn from the latest spelunking and developer sessions.

For anyone considering buying a single #VisionPro for the household; A device can only have a single iCloud account. It does not have multi user support like the AppleTV.

And I really hope we’ll be able to purchase these stands 😍😍

#wwdc #wwdc23 

Third-party Shortcuts actions can now provide progress to estimate how long it takes to run! 🤯 #WWDC #WWDC23

One of my favorite new #WWDC23 iOS 17 features:

“Apple Music is bringing SharePlay to the car so that everyone can easily choose what’s playing.”

No Apple Music sub required to join in! 🙌🏻


#Apple #AppleMusic #CarPlay

iOS 17 includes a small but much-needed change to the process of scanning QR codes via the Camera app. With this year’s update, the button that pops up when you scan a QR code now appears at the bottom of the Camera app, right above the shutter button, and it doesn’t move.

When I say that passkeys are and will be interoperable, I’m extremely serious about it.

This year:
- Chrome, Firefox, and other browsers on macOS can save and use iCloud Keychain’s passkeys (they need to adopt this)
- Third-party password managers can participate in the ecosystem on iOS, iPadOS, and macOS
- The passkeys from those third-party managers will also be usable by all web browsers

Here’s a thread with more information: https:///110509

Please spread the word!

The Design Dynamic Live Activities” session is one of the most beautifully composed presentations I’ve ever seen. The animations and examples shown towards the end are incredibly impressive and inspiring. I’m super excited to get started working on improving my Live Activities after watching this.

Also, it included a truly 🤯 moment, when they discuss how to visually center a glyph by blurring it and then using that blurred blob to find the visual center. Genius!


An illustration of a white blurred blob inside of a blue outline, the shape is off center within this outline and needs to be adjusted to better lie with the shape.

ALERT: CloudKit works in third-party apps on iOS 17 with iCloud Drive turned off, just as it has for Apple’s own apps. This is a big deal for sync on corporate devices that often have iCloud Drive disabled.

Just discovered the new Mini Crosswords solved notification card in Apple News. 🎉🧩 This is such a cool addition to #iOS17

The new Mini Crossword notification when you successfully solve a puzzle in Apple News.

Not sure if it’s immediately visible but the Music app’s tab bar has a progressive blur.

Really wish all apps had that. Looks pretty cool.

The Apple Vision Pro has an additional strap that goes over your head (because of weight). It wasn’t discussed, those in the hands on demos had it, but no pictures were allowed. The Good Morning America video didn’t show it either. But one brief scene in the keynote had it.


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