Now, March 2024

Taking a page out of Maique’s book and trying a more bite-sized /now update.

🏋️‍♀️ A weight has been lifted off my shoulders after discussing my Leap Year plans with my wife. I wanted to have more of it figured out before I came to her and made the pitch”, but I needn’t have waited. She gave me her full support, because of course she did. 🥲 There’s still much to research and line up before it’s a go. But her having my back was the proverbial starting line and I’m so excited/terrified. 😁

⌛🧗‍♂️ Counting down to my Red Rocks climbing trip. It’ll be my first time climbing in Las Vegas — actually my first time in Vegas at all, unless you count a flight layover (I don’t). My buddy and I are looking to rack up some vertical mileage on easy-to-moderate multipitch climbs, and Red Rocks has some of the best of them. Can’t wait!

⛑ It’s apparently professional development season for Jarrod. My first aid and CPR certifications expire soon, so I’ve signed up for a Wilderness First Aid course next months with some new friends I made climbing last week. And in early April, I’m attending the New York State Outdoor Guide’s Association conference. I’ve never been to one, but the sessions look interesting, and I hoping to meet more folks in the industry and learn as much as I can from them. Finally, I pulled the trigger and signed up for an American Mountain Guides Association (AMGA) Single Pitch Instructor (SPI) course in early May. AMGA is the professional instructor certification body in the USA for mountain guides. Since my long-term goal is to become an internationally-certified guide in all the mountain disciplines, the SPI course is the first step along that journey. (I actually took this same course back in 2016, but never got around to signing up for the exam. I won’t make the same mistake this time round.)

❄ The weather here in the Northeast has been throwing me for a loop. We got a warm spell for a few weeks that demolished our snow and got me psyched for rock climbing season. But now winter is making a return with new snowfall. I got out skiing a few more times, and I might be able to get in a little more ice climbing if I wasn’t headed to Nevada next week. Who knows what season it’ll be here when I get back! 🤷‍♂️

📺 I tend to only have a couple of TV shows going at any given time. My wife and I have been getting into Foundation as our serious show, and we’re doing a rewatch of New Girl for our lighthearted one. Both are excellent. We’re almost through the first season of Foundation and I’m so glad we’ll be able jump right into the second.

🍿 Have you seen the Elemental movie? What a strange film. Inventive, as always from Pixar, but it sort of missed the mark for me. Not a huge fan of the relationship between Ember and her father. But her love story with Wade in the second half almost pulled it back into the good zone. Still thinking about it, which is something, I suppose. The Taylor Swift: Eras Tour movie has been staring at me from the Up Next’ queue. I’ll probably break down and watch that again soon.

🧘‍♂️ My 30-day yoga journey has turned into more of a 30-to-60-day yoga journey. I haven’t been very consistent about doing it every morning before work, but I’m still seeing some benefits and enjoy it when I drag my ass out of bed to the mat.

📌 I continue to save more blog posts and internet articles than I could ever read.

🫶 The best part of this week, except for item number one at the top, has been the response to kicking off the One a Month Club. Obviously, I believe its a good model, but having other people get excited about it too has been heartwarming. I’ve had people emailing me every day about the project, and it’s already sparked some great conversations. The club itself has nearly 30 members and continues to evolve. You’ll notice short descriptions for each site start to pop up there (if you’re a member and can send me your preferred one-sentence description, please do!). I hope you’ll browse through the awesome sites there and find at least one to support. On a more personal note, I’m blown away to now have six(!) supporters of, as Maique puts it, my “shenanigans”. I’m touched.

🤖 Finally, I’m exploring how I can make my /now page a bit more dynamic so that there’s new stuff here even when I don’t get around to writing a full update.


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