⌘ March 18, 2024

Study Abroad, Hobbies, and Blogging Origins with Valerie V

Being a PenPal with someone in Kyrgyzstan” is not something that I would have had on my Bingo card a couple of years ago. Which is my way of saying that I’ve got a new exchange with Valerie up on our PenPal conversation page.

This time we chatted about studying abroad, Valerie’s experience as a teacher in Kyrgyzstan, and some cultural differences between the States and there. Val made an astute observation about how language impacts how a whole group of people can experience the world around them, while I prattled on some more about climbing and recreation in the mountains. I hope Val get the opportunity to look into some adult clubs!

We also talked a bit about what brought each of us to Micro.blog, which is where we met.

Blogging is just the best.


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