7 Things This Week [#140]

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1️⃣ If Keenan blogs, there’s a good chance I’m going to link to it. This time, they write about their three years working Apple Retail and how it shaped them, for the good and the bad. [🔗 Keenan // gkeenan.co]

2️⃣ I ran across Frills’ website via CSS Naked Day, and immediately lost my morning poking around its corners. I love so much about it! This particular link is to a post in which she shares a bookmarklet that lets you make any webpage editable. [🔗 Frills // frills.dev]

3️⃣ I really liked Matt Birchler’s description of design being a conversation between you and your user. [🔗 @matt // isfeeling.social]

4️⃣ I might have shared this before but it’s worth watching again. This magician nails the act as a bumbler while being in complete control of his tricks. [🔗 Markobi // youtube.com] (via @arne@spezi.social)

5️⃣ A bit gruesome, but this video from the Slow Mo Guys recreating Superman’s bulletproof eye was fascinating. Without spoiling it, the damage was not was I expected. [🔗 The Slow Mo Guys // youtube.com]

6️⃣ One of my favorite eclipse-related jokes this week. 😆 [🔗 @siegel // mastodon.social]

7️⃣ BasicAppleGuy’s newest wallpapers are true stunners and mix the iconic Mac OS Tiger desktop design with modern graphics. [🔗 BasicAppleGuy // basicappleguy.com]

52 Albums Project

Angle of the Airwaves by All Night Boogie Band (2023) — #15/52

I didn’t know anything about the All Night Boogie Band until they came to play a local show here in Saranac Lake. Boy, did they ever bring some serious musical chops and their lead singer’s vocal pipes to match! I don’t listen to a lot of soul music, but it sure is fun. Angel of the Airwaves is their latest album and a good primer for what to expect from the band.

Follow along on the 52 Albums Project page where I’m making some playlists for you.

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7 Things 52 Albums

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