Humane pinned their launch date, if not their pin

Say what you will about Humane’s Ai Pin1, I have to give them credit for nailing the timeline they set years ago, perhaps at the very outset of the company. Their whole brand and logo, revealed in 2018 and solidified in 2022 with their It’s time for change” video, revolves around an eclipse, and now they’re shipping their first product within days of the massive solar eclipse event across North America.

Black-on-white logo depicting a solar eclipse with the web URL “” below.
Humane’s (vaguely bite-of-the-Apple-esque) eclipse-themed logo.

Even as someone very open to believing in coincidences, it’s hard to think that this is one.

Advanced tech products famously go through long, multi-year development periods. Few companies can get a gadget out like clockwork, as Apple does with the iPhone each fall, and even they sometimes stumble. Which makes Humane’s accomplishment of getting this product — their first and in a brand-new category! — out the door (presumably) on time all the more impressive.2

I gotta appreciate the foresight and follow-through. 👏

  1. And people sure have. 😳↩︎

  2. Although, if you read the review linked above, maaaaybe they should have waited a bit longer. Perhaps for one of the next eclipses.↩︎

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