7 Things This Week [#15]

  1. If you’ve ever used a CARROT app, you’ll appreciate this video, Meatbag. 🤣
  2. Now is the time to start putting in your wishes for Apple’s 2022 operating systems. I’ll throw a +1 onto the ideas in this concept for iOS 16 by 9to5Mac.
  3. I look forward to Noah Kalina’s newsletter each and every week. If he wrote more, I’d slurp up every last bit. Not only does each issue feature some of his fantastic photography, but he tells a story with it. A funny story. A funny story using the kind of dry humor that often catches me off guard and produces a snort.
  4. This piece from The Atlantic got me thinking about the airflow of my own home. I should crack a window. Well, two of them, according to the article.
  5. I discovered this album, Year of the Sunflower, by Jake Scott and really liked it. It turns out he released a new album, Goldenboy, this week, too!
  6. Season 2 of Central Park came out this week on Apple TV+. My wife and I loved season one —- it was one of our favorite shows last year. We watched the first two episodes, and they’ve kept the quality.
  7. The long-anticipated Big Mail app by The Not So Big Company (🙃) came out this week, as well. I’m a sucker for email apps, so I’m giving it a try. It’s got a bunch of features like HEY, but done on-device and is more native to the platform. I plan to write a review after I get more time with it.

7 Things

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