Jason Fried on Renting to Test Drive

Jason Fried, writing on his HEY World blog, wonders why car brands don’t take an active role in the car rental business:

I can’t imagine a better way to try out a car prior to buying it than renting it on a trip. If it’s a vacation or an important business trip — I’m already feeling good about it. Transfer those good feels, and special memories to the car — it’ll make me want one even more.

My wife and I have a trip coming up during which we’ll rent a car for the week. While we’re not in the market for a new vehicle right now, I’d love the opportunity to take a prospective purchase out for a real-world extended test drive. Or be able to stick with something we’re comfortable with, like a Honda or a Subaru. They could incentivize me to stay within their brand. As it is, we typically go with whatever is cheapest and that doesn’t suck.

Jason’s blog post is short and is worth a read.

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