Letters with Kev, November 2023 [#3]

Jarrod’s and Kev’s avatars and their website domains, heydingus.net and kevquirk.com, separated by the letter emoji.
(Image inspiration: Jose Munoz)

Kev Quirk and I exchanged our final letter for the PenPals project this month. You can follow along with our conversation here, but you owe it to yourself to see the awesome email styling that he’s done over on his site.

Here’s a tease of our last exchange, as summarized by ChatGPT:

In this final email exchange for the month, Kev and Jarrod reflect on the enjoyable experience of sharing insights and look forward to Kev’s upcoming conversation with Robb Knight. They delve into Kev’s reasons for avoiding Micro.blog/Hugo for his personal blog, discussing limitations in managing site elements and templating complexities. Kev offers encouragement for Jarrod’s diverse business idea involving a climbing gym and doggy daycare. The conversation touches on watch syncing rituals and a shared tendency to be detail-oriented. Jarrod expresses his preference for quick news summaries over traditional news consumption and discusses podcast favorites. The exchange concludes with mutual appreciation for the engaging conversation, with plans to continue their communication.

If you’d like to be a penpal for this project, please reach out! I’d love to get you on the schedule.


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